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Edit Profile Information
If you have a native Connected Backup account, you can use the Edit Profile page to change the information in the Data Center that is associated with your Agent account.
NOTE The Edit Profile page is available only if you use a native Connected Backup account. To edit your profile if your account is mapped to an enterprise directory or single sign-on account, contact your system administrator. Alternatively, for an enterprise directory account, you can change the values in the enterprise directory.
To edit your user profile
On the Edit Profile page, edit the appropriate sections.
An asterisk (*) next to a field indicates that the information is required.
The fields that you can change depend on how you or your administrator configured your account. For example, you or your administrator might have omitted fields from the Edit Profile page, made fields read-only, or made a field required.
To save your changes and close the Edit Profile page, click Save.
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