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Types of Profile Information
This section describes account profile information. Which pieces of information, if any, that you can view or edit depends on the configuration of your account.
This section contains information that identifies the user of the account.
Account Credentials
This section contains the information that you must enter when you sign in to the Account Management Website.
Contact Information
This section contains additional information associated with the user of the account. Your account configuration determines how much of this information the Account Management Website displays.
A list of countries that you can select. If you select a country other than the United States, the Zip Code field becomes the Postal Code field.
The ZIP or country postal code associated with your street address. If you select the United States as the country, the page displays the Zip Code field. If you select any other country, the page displays the Postal Code field.
An additional field. The administrator determines what this field represents and whether it is required. By default, this field is hidden.
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