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Order CDs or DVDs
Use the Order CDs or DVDs page to order set of CDs or DVDs that contain a set of backed-up files.
When you order a backed-up file set, you receive a ZIP archive file that contains files from a backup that occurred at a specific time. The ZIP archive file might require multiple CDs or DVDs. The first disc in the set contains a copy of the Agent user interface. Use this interface to retrieve files from the CDs or DVDs.
NOTE If you cannot open the Order CDs or DVDs page, your account does not have permission to order backed-up files on CDs or DVDs. Contact your system administrator for assistance.
To order CDs or DVDs
When you select a date, choose one that has a status of Complete. A backup date that has a status of Incomplete indicates that the backup had errors or warnings. The Agent may not have backed up all the files.
You can select CDs or DVDs. DVDs have a larger capacity than CDs, but might be more expensive.
When you select the media type, the Account Management Website displays the approximate number of CDs or DVDs needed for your files.
The media password must contain a minimum of 6 alphanumeric characters and cannot exceed 100 characters.
You must use this password to gain access to the files on the media.
Ship to this address. This address is the default address stored in your profile. You cannot change this address on this page. You must change it on the Edit Profile page.
Ship to new address. If you do not want to ship the media to the default address, enter a different address.
Click Submit Order.
The Account Management Website sends the media request to the Data Center for processing and displays the CDs or DVDs Confirmation page.
NOTE After you submit an order, you cannot use the Account Management Website to cancel the order. Contact your system administrator for assistance.