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View Backup Statistics
After you sign in to the Account Management Website, it displays the Summary page. Use this page to view information about your account and to gain access to features.
The Summary page contains the following sections:
Backup Statistics. This section provides information about your last backup and your account.
Things You Can Do. This section contains links to the features that are enabled for your account. You might not have access to all the links that the following table describes.
A link to a page that lets you retrieve files when you do not have access to your Agent. You can gain access to this page only if MyRoam is enabled for your account.
This option is available for PC accounts only. It is not available for Mac accounts.
A link to a page that lets you request CDs or DVDs that contain files that your Agent backed up.
Note: Available only if this feature is enabled for your account.
An option that lets you download a new copy of your current Agent. Use this feature if you have a problem with your computer and need to reinstall the Agent.
Edit Profile (optional)
A link to a page that lets you edit your profile information and change your password.
Note: Available only for native Connected Backup accounts.
View Profile (optional)
Note: Available only for accounts mapped to an enterprise directory.
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