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Install the Agent Software
After you register your account, you are ready to download and install the Agent software. You can install the software immediately as part of the download procedure, or you can save the Agent Setup file to a location on your computer and install the software later. For information about how to install your software later, see Recover Accounts.
Before You Begin
You must register your Agent account before you can download and install it. If you have not registered your account, see Register an Account.
NOTE If you use a PC, to install an Agent, you must log on to the Windows operating system as a user with Administrator privileges.
To install the Agent software
While AMWS waits for the Data Center to create the Agent Setup application for your account, it displays the Creating Your Download page. When the file that contains this application is ready to download, AMWS displays the Download Instructions page.
Click Begin Download, and then save the Agent Setup file to a folder on your computer.
The name of the file depends on the type of computer you use:
On a Mac computer, double-click to extract the AgentSetup.mpkg setup file, and then double-click that file.
On a PC, double-click AgentSetup.msi.
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