Install the Agent > Register an Account

Register an Account
You must register an account before you can download the Agent software.
To register an account
Go to Account Management Website (AMWS) in one of the following ways:
The Welcome page opens.
Click Register and Download.
If your account requires acceptance of the Service License Agreement, AMWS displays it.
If you click Decline, the registration process stops and you cannot download the Agent Setup file.
Reservation account code. Enter the code that you received from your system administrator, and then click Continue.
Network Logon ID. Enter the network logon ID (or user name) and password, and then click Continue.
Single sign-on account credentials. Provide the requested information to sign in.
If the Registration page appears, enter the required information, and then click Continue.
If you register two different Agents, the information on this page might change, depending on the Agent configuration.
If the registration completes successfully, AMWS displays the Registration Complete page. This page displays the following information for your account:
account user name and email address, if you have a native Connected Backup account or one mapped to an enterprise directory
If you have a native Connected Backup account, you can change this information at a later time by using AMWS to update your profile. However, to change this information if your account maps to an enterprise directory, you must contact your system administrator or update the values in the enterprise directory.
If the registration fails, AMWS displays an error message that explains why the registration did not complete.
Print the information on the Registration Complete page, and then store it in a secure location.
You need this information to sign in to AMWS and manage your account online.
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